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Ottogi Beef Bone Stock

Beef Bone Stock

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Ottogi Beef Bone Stock

1. Enjoy the rich and luscious taste of beef bone stock using 100% of nutritious beef bone boiled for long time with quality beef as traditionally prepared.
2. More than enough volume per package and can be used for other dishes such as Dduk Guk, Man du Guk, Kal Guk Su, Su Je bi, and Mi-Yuk Guk.
3. Packaged in retort pouch to preserve the traditional taste, making it easy to consume at home and outdoor. (Condominium, while traveling).

Net Wt.

Water, Beef Leg Bone Extract, Garlic Extract, Seasoning Base(Vegetable Oil Powder, Yeast Extract Powder, Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate)

Net Wt.


Country of Origin

South Korea

Additional Info

Additional Info

Name Beef Bone Stock
Size No
Country of Origin South Korea
Manufacturer Ottogi
Bestseller 594
Net Wt. 350ml
Ingredients N/A