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OCOO Double Boiler OC-2700PR

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Double Boiler OC-2700PR

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OCOO Double Boiler OC-2700PR

OCOO is an exclusive health food maker for home use that modernized the caldron double boiling method used by our ancestors to prepare herbal medicine or health food. 112℃ or hotter steam flows inside the germanium pot in convection current to heat up the ceramic pot, and the far-infrared ray heat generated from the pot heats up the moisture contained in the food itself to cook the food. This is a new and advanced cooker for the 21st century.

Advantage in Using OCOO
- It minimizes the loss of nutrition in all foods and also minimizes odors using the convection current to cook healthy foods.
- Since the food is cooked by far-infrared rays from germanium inner pots and germanium pots, it does not burn the food even over a long cooking time.
- The cooker is composed of germanium inner pots and germanium pots, which emit far-infrared rays for antibacterial and deodorizing effects.
- The residual agricultural chemicals in the vegetables are diluted and dropped in the pot and inner pot containing germanium components to cook safe and healthy food.
- The product has a built-in microcomputer to automatically control all functions such as the cooking temperature and time, keep-warm mode, safety system, and power failure compensation features that it is easy and convenient to use.

OCOO does not burn the food and it minimizes the loss of nutrition. Also, it cooks quickly and conveniently because it uses pressure. It also provides “Voice Guide” for convenience, “Basic Time Setting for Each Menu”, and also the easy One-Touch interface that anyone across all ages and genders can use without difficulty. You no longer have to check the entire cooking process beside the gas oven on a hot summer day.

Economic feasibility
You can prepare expensive health foods such as honey-preserved red ginseng and black garlic right in your home at a much lower cost. 

The product gives utmost priority to safety for it utilizes high pressure steam for double boiling. Germanium pots provides antibacterial and deodorizing actions and dilute to drop residual agricultural chemicals, and they also emit far-infrared rays during cooking.

Health and good life are becoming the hottest issue of society, and OCOO is an environment-friendly cooker that can protect the taste and nutrition, allowing you to directly select and cook food materials. It keeps the original shape of the food materials and can extract concentrates without adding a drop of water.

Over 100 Dishes
Refer to the cook book that contains a number of pictures to conveniently cook over 100 dishes. It prevents messiness around cooking utensils due to the food boiling over the pot and eliminates the inconvenience of dishwashing, especially for food burnt and scorched and stuck on the pan. 12 basic cooking modes applicable to a variety of dishes are preset for further convenience.

12 Basic Cooking Courses

Ripen red ginseng, germanium egg, black garlic 

Decoction of red ginseng

Honey Preserved Food
Red ginseng preserved in honey, black garlic preserved in honey, dates preserved in honey

Red ginseng preserved in honey, onion concentrate, pear and balloon flower root concentrate, apricot concentrate, grape concentrate, rice punch

Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine

Medicinal Tea
Ganodermalucidum tea, matrimony vine tea, licorice tea, cinnamon tea, magnolia vine tea, oriental raisin tea, milk vetch root tea, etc

Medicinal Porridge
Red bean porridge, vegetable mushroom porridge, green bean porridge, black sesame porridge, chicken porridge, ginseng porridge, pumpkin porridge, pine nut porridge


Yogurt, fast-fermented soybean paste

Tonic Steamed Rice
Flavored glutinous rice with dates, steamed multigrain rice, steamed rice with oyster, steamed rice with bean sprouts, steamed rice with chestnut

Tonic Soup
Ox tail soup, chicken soup with ginseng, beef stock soup, ox cartilage soup, ox tail soup, cow’s foot jelly

Tonic Steamed Dish
Steamed pork, steamed ribs, raison pumpkin rice cake, red ginseng and red bean ice dessert, red ginseng and acorn jelly

10-Fold Safety Device

01. Safety Valve
When a problem withthe pressure valve is detected, it discharges the steam inside to outside. When the red indicator is up, it indicates that there is steam pressure inside and if it is down, it indicates that there is no steam pressure inside.

02. Pressure Valve
When a problem with temperature adjustment is detected, this valve discharges the steam inside to outside.

03. Cover Opening Prevention
When the pressure builds up, the safety device will be activated to keep the pressure cover closed.

04. Pressure Safety Device
If abnormal pressure builds up inside the cover due to abnormal action, it discharges the pressure safely.

05. Lead Switch
This feature is activated when you properly place the cover on the main unit and when the power is connected and operation begins.
The product will not operate when the body and the pressure cover are abnormally coupled or if the cover is open, but instead, it will display “E:02” and “OPEN” with a beep. 

06. Cooling for Completion
It turns off the power 20 minutes before sounding the completion message to stop heating in order to remove internal steam pressure through natural cooling when the completion message is played. 

07. Discharge of Steam from Inside
If the user tries to force open the pressure cover without removing the steam pressure inside out of negligence while the product is in use, the steam inside will be discharged under the handles to prevent accidents.

08. Temperature Adjustment
The product has a built-in temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature and steam pressure inside the pressure chamber to maintain consistent temperature and steam pressure.

09. Heating Water Detection
If the heating water is not in the heating plate, the product will automatically detect this and shut down the product. The LCD will display E:01 and “No Water” with a beep.

10. Temperature Fuse
When the temperature of the product rises due to a problem, the sensor detects the abnormal temperature to shut down the product.

Net Wt.

38 x 39 x 37 (cm)

Country of Origin

South Korea

Additional Info

Additional Info

Name Double Boiler OC-2700PR
Size No
Country of Origin South Korea
Manufacture OCOO
Bestseller 11
Net Wt. 38 x 39 x 37 (cm)
Ingredients No