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H2pro H2Pro 109YVI 7/10-inch Domed Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron

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H2Pro 109YVI 7/10-inch Domed Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron

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Ships from and sold by GOODMAN PARTNERS LLC.
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H2Pro 109YVI 7/10-inch Domed Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron


■ Far Infrared Heat
"Regular heat cannot penetrate the hair shaft so when using regular heat, it can cause frizzy, dry and damaged hair because it heats up the surface of the hair first. Far infrared heat can penetrate the hair cuticles, so it begins heating from the inside out. The hair is heated more efficiently resulting in faster drying and styling with less heat. Less heat means less damage when creating long lasting hair styles. "

■ Negative Ion
"Ions are atoms that have gained or lost an electron and carry a charge of energy. The natural negative ion energy is powerful enough to break water molecule clusters into micro-fine particles (atomization), which penetrate the hair shaft. That means moisture balance is restored and the hair cuticle is sealed."

Tons of negative ions are released from the ceramic iron. The effects of negative ions are:
 1) Locks in moisture and softness
 2) Eliminates static eletricity and frizz
 3) Nourishes and protects hair
 4) Seals the cuticle to give hair a silky shine

■ Tourmaline
"Tourmaline is a mineral, which releases a lot of negative ions when there is heat or friction. First, the tourmaline is ground and made into a powder.  Then, it is added during the process of creating the creamic plates. All in all, the tourmaline helps to keep hair texture healthier and more beautiful with 20 times more negative ions."

" More Ceramic  =>  More Far Infrared Heat
  More Tourmaline =>  More Negative Ion"

■ Nano Technology
  = Nano Ti  +  Nano TiO2  +  Nano Ag

Nano Fuzeion Technology is h2pros advanced combination of three distinct nano technologies (Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag), which result in unmatched styling and health benefits for your hair. Nano Titanium enhances the ionic effect allowing the hair to absorb more moisture for superior conditioning and shine. Nano Titanium Oxide helps remove chemical pollutants and toxins which build up in your hair from normal exposure to the elements. Finally, Nano Silver removes harmful or damaging bacteria from the hair. The moisturizing elements of Titanium work together with the cleansing and purifying characteristics of Titanium Oxide and Silver to leave the hair healthier, shinier, and more vibrant.

1. Nano Ti
 1) Enhances the ionic effect, allowing the hair to absorb more moisture for superior conditioning and shine.
 ►Plate is not going to peel or rust because of Nano Titanium.

2. Nano TiO2
 1) Remove ordors and Fight Bacteria
" - Nano TiO2 is a main component of photocatalysis. That is, light will make TiO2 work as an anti-bacterial agent. Thus, your hair will be healthier and  cleaner. - TiO2 helps remove chemical pollutants and toxins which build up in your hair from normal exposure the elements."
 2)  Hydrophile property
" - Once TiO2 touches water, it will make a light film on the surface. So, even if this iron is used on wet/damp hair, the hair will not be damaged because the hair has already been sealed."

3. Nano Ag(Siver)
 1) Strong Sterilization - Nano Silver helps to keep the hair cleaner
 2) Anti-Fungal Result - Blocks the growth of bacteria
 3) Deodorization - Elminates odor


1) PTC (Positive Temperature/Thermal Coefficient/Current) => YFI series
"Positive temperature co-efficient - PTC heating elements are small ceramic stones with self temperature limiting characteristics. "
PTC results in a heating element that self-regulates at a pre-set temperature and automatically varies its wattage in order to maintain that pre-set temperature.

2) PTFC (Positive Temperature/Thermal Fair Coefficient)=> YVI series
PTFC is very similar to PTC principle. But, compared to PTC, it works faster and more often.  The PTFC heating system, allows for a more steady and stable temperature.
PTFC heaters generate evenly controlled heat and produce far infrared heat to close hair cuticles.   By closing the hair cuticles, it seals in moisture and natural oils. This results in reduced drying and styling time.

3) ICHS(Integrated Ceramic Heating System) => 204LE
Unlike other irons where the heater is located underneath the plates, the 204LEs heating element is integrated into the ceramic plate.  This ensures a rapid heat up time and instantaneous heat recovery (virtually no temperature loss).

■ Feature and Benefit of H2PRO

1. Ceramic Heater and Ceramic Plate
  - Maximum Temperature goes to 450 F°
  - Instantaneous heat recovery system (virtually no loss of heat)
  - Ceramic fused plate produces far Infrared heat, which will not cause any damage even at high temperatures.

2. Negative Ion from Tourmaline
  - There are 20 times more negative ions.  This keeps hair moisturized because the negative ions seal the cuticles, which locks in moisture and repels humidity.

3. Nano Technology
 - Nano Titanium helps the plates resist peeling.
 - Provides sterilization and anti-bacterial cleaning agents => Healthier and cleaner hair styling

4. Variable Hair Styling
" - Round and inclined edge => Not only straightening, but can also be used for curling, twisting, flipping, etc."

5. Damp to Dry Versatility
" - Once hair is towel dried and damp, the iron may be used - Have dried and styled hair in shorter time with less effort"

6. Self-adjusting plate system
" - The YVI Series plate is designed to ease stiffness when styling, so smooth styling is achieved. The self-adjusting plates help for sleeker styles as well as better control when styling."

7. Self Temperature Control Sensor
 -Our H2PRO irons have a Self Temperature Control Sensor to prevent overheating.

8. Prompt Heat-up Time
 - Ultra rapid heat up time -33% quicker than current professional series.(YFI: 10sec YVI: 5 sec LE: 2sec)
 - Ready to use : less than 20 sec

9. Protects color and retards fading
 - Since negative ions seal the hair cuticles, this is especially beneficial for colored hair.  Sealing the hair cutilces results in longer lasting vibrant color.

10. 9ft, 360 swivel cord
 - 9 feet & 360 degree swivel cord => No tangling

Net Wt.


Country of Origin

South Korea

Additional Info

Additional Info

Name H2Pro 109YVI 7/10-inch Domed Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron
Size N/A
Country of Origin South Korea
Manufacture H2pro
Bestseller 1
Net Wt. 99981225
Ingredients N/A