Eyeball jelly / 눈알젤리

Complete your Halloween with this eye balls floating- red beverage! Happy Halloween!


Ingredients (10-20ea)
15oz Milk soda like Milkis/Ambasa
2oz Instant coffee or coke
3oz Fanta
1.1oz Gelatin powder
Ice ball tray
Optional : Cranberry juice



1. Add each 0.2oz gelatin powder to coffee and fanta, 0.7oz to milk soda. Microwave them for 30sec and mix well. Then pour the coffee mixture to a flat small tray, refrigerate it for about 10minutes until firm.



2. Put 1/2tsp fanta mixture for each ice ball mold. You can use one color or various colors like us! Set aside.



3. When the coffee mixture is firm, use straw to cut it into small round pieces. Add them into each fanta mixture, refrigerate it for about 5minutes until firm.



4. When it gets firm and milk soda mixture is cool (not firm), add the milk soda mixture into ice ball tray, cover and refrigerate it for 1-3hours until firm.



5. When it’s done, put them into red color juice to complete your ultimate Halloween beverage! Cheers for happy Halloween!


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